Security and Social Welfare

  • Security

Although the potentials of the state are huge in terms of our ability to attract tourists, investments and quality jobs, but the current security situation in the state makes the realization of these potentials unrealistic and unattainable. Edo State under our charge will build a brand new security architecture. In this regard, the creation of an emergency system like 911 will be uppermost in our plans to address insecurity in the state. Community policing Program involving neighborhood watch and vigilante groups will be established in rural and urban areas. Their main responsibility will be to monitor and gather intelligence for the different security agencies in their individual domains.

2) Social Welfare

With a population of 3.2 million people and a landmass of 18,000 square Km, Edo State is bigger by land size and population than many countries. Despite this status, the state does not have an institutionalized social welfare system to cater for the needs of our people.

  • Every resident of Edo State will be allotted a personalized life time Social Security Number. Every child born here will also have a dedicated Social Security Number. With this, we can track the need for assistance amongst our women, children, the physically challenged, the elderly and vulnerable members of the society.
  • Appropriate legislation and initiatives that will protect the vulnerable and disabled persons in our state from discrimination and exploitation will be enacted.
  • Free health access for the elderly, pregnant women and children below the age of five will be put in place and vigorously pursued.

Policies that will protect widows and children of the deceased from harassment and intimidation will be initiated and enforced. Under such policies, provision will be made to ensure that widows and children have easier access to the estate, pension and other assets or benefit of the deceased.