Manpower Development & Training

“The most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings” Alfred Marshall, Principles of Economics

Manpower development is the most critical aspect of the SIMPLE agenda. This is what many countries have realized and have leveraged to attain greatness. The greatest resource any state has is its people. As such, deliberate effort must be made at developing their capacities.

  1. Education

Improve on the Technical Training Centres; integrated with skill acquisition, cottage agro-processing and other related small-scale production outfits in each of the senatorial districts for the training of the relevant technical and skilled manpower, to drive all aspects of our economic policies.

  1. Youth Development and Sports

Edo State had a history of sporting glory until recently. The “SIMPLE” Agenda will treat Youth, Sports, Recreation and Cultural activities as a business model for job and wealth creation opportunities. Edo State must be made to regain her premier position in sports in the country.