#TakeTheFuture: Pastor Ize-Iyamu formally declares to run

The Time has come. The Future Is Now: Take it!

After seeking the face of God and engaging in extensive consultation across the length and breadth of Edo State, today the 9th day of June 2016, I in company of my friends, family and well wishers, shall proceed on a historic walk to the Edo State PDP Secretariat in Benin City to formally collect the nomination form of the Party to enable me contest the Edo State governorship election scheduled for 10th September 2016.

As we proceed on this journey, I am mindful of the huge challenges ahead of us. I am aware of the apprehension of our adversaries and their desperation to maintain the status quo in spite of the cloud of depression that they have cast over the land. The change slogan they chant haunts them and justifiably so even as it reminds us that power is truly transient. But we shall prevail.

As we begin this walk towards freedom, I am conscious of the agony and the silent cries of our long-suffering people who have been victims of the criminal neglect of our land despite abundant resources. I carry in my heart the affliction of a people that have been made to live under the hand of taskmasters. I am propelled to act, inspired by the hope and confidence that our people have freely reposed in my ability to change the change, reverse the retrogression, root out the rot and clean the messy stable so that Edo may truly experience the prosperity our people deserve and desire.

Today I make a solemn pledge of my commitment to give this noble enterprise my all, to do my best as could ever be expected of me, and sincerely with the fear of God to run a government in Edo State that will be transparent and accountable; a government that will put the interest of the entire State far and above personal interest. I am irrevocably committed to ensuring the judicious use of our resources for the progress and development of the State.

The journey to our envisioned destination may not be long, but I definitely know that it is not an easy road. No matter how rough and difficult the road may be, I have faith that with your prayers, wise counsel and sundry support, we shall overcome. Though we work through the valley of the shadow of death, God is with us and will not let us down. He sees our heart and knows that we mean well. Therefore we shall not be afraid of the terror by night or the arrows that flieth by the day (PS 91:5). We go into this contest with the boldness and faith of David. No matter the size of the Goliath that the enemy confronts us with, in the name of our God the king of kings and the Lord of lords, we shall be victorious and the name of the Lord shall be glorified.

Upon collecting the nomination form and fulfilling all protocols, we shall proceed to the Emporium Event Centre in Benin City to unveil our agenda for governance to the good people of Edo State. We believe that there can be no better time than now to reveal our vision for a better Edo State. The bible declares that where there is no vision, the people perish. (Prov. 29:18). Therefore we shall present a working document of our plans and mission in government so that our people can understand our journey and appreciate our progress.

This document, which is our covenant, has been deliberately made simple so that those who read it can run with it. The “Simple”Agenda, as it is called, apart from being easy to understand, is an acronym for:

1. Security and Social welfare ………………………………S
2. Infrastructural Development ………………………………..I
3. Manpower development and training………………………M
4. Public Private Partnership……………………………………P
5. Leadership by example………………………………………L
6. Employment opportunities and Empowerment…………….E

This acronym, in a nutshell, underlines the focus of our government and what we hope to achieve in the course of our stewardship. We encourage you to read the details of the agenda by which content we shall be guided.

As the journey progresses, we shall keep you informed of all our activities and we enjoin you to be part of them. Our State cannot be left the way it is. We cannot continue in lamentation and suffering. Now is the time to change the unfortunate change. And the future they have always told us to wait for is not in another time; it is not in another election; it is now. This is what I represent and it is what I present to you; take it!