“A Comprehensive Healthcare Policy” will be formulated and implemented to replace the current healthcare system of Edo State that is in shambles. As part of the comprehensive plan to revamp, reform and restore the ailing health care sector, harmonization of Federal, State and Local Government health care plans and the incorporation of the National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP), with appropriate costing complemented with robust capacity building, will be carried out. Edo State will develop her Strategic Health Development Plan termed “Simple Strategic Health Development Plan”. The major are listed below:

  • To set targets for intervention to reduce prevalence of communicable and non-communicable diseases; and the prevalence of child and maternal morbidity and mortality reduced to the barest minimum.
  • To increase life expectancy through an integrated, reformed, restructured and functional health care system.
  • To provide the personnel, manpower and institutions that will assist our people by ensuring access to good healthcare delivery.
  • To set up a functional disease control agency for surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of disease in the state to be named the Edo State Centre for Disease Control
  • Encourage public/private partnership by promoting private sector participation, standardization and compliance.
  • Establish appropriate regulatory institutions to set standards, monitor and enforce compliance.


Primary Health Care (PHC)

Primary/ Rural Health Centers are in rural communities but they are poorly staffed and managed and therefore under utilized. The implementation of PHC will be a priority and be carried out through services at the various primary health centers and through home visits. To achieve this,

  • All existing Primary Health Centers will be equipped, adequately staffed with qualified personnel, and made functional in line with responsibilities of Primary Health Centers.
  • Provide continuous education concerning prevailing health problems and the methods of preventing and controlling them
  • Provide maternal, newborn and child health care, including


—  Family planning;

     Free immunization for children ages 0-5 years against the six childhood killer diseases.

     Free mass immunization against diseases like yellow fever, meningitis, tetanus etc.

     Free ante-natal care for pregnant women.

     Free malaria treatment and prevention for children aged 0-5 years and pregnant women.

     Free health care for the elderly and children aged 0-5 years.

     Free counseling and treatment of HIV and AIDS, TB and leprosy

  • Provide effective prevention and control of locally endemic and epidemic diseases.
  • Provide appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries; and provision of essential drugs.
  • Provide an enabling environment and strategies to include community mobilization and advocacy, service integration, health research, capacity building, and international and non-governmental collaboration.
  • Encourage important stakeholders (NGOs, development partners, civil society, private sector, communities and International Partners) to provide free health programmes and services, and provide opportunity for community members to channel their inputs into the planning, implementation and evaluation processes.
  • Provide a system whereby sick patients can be transferred to secondary and tertiary healthcare systems (provision of ambulances and motorboat ambulances especially for those in the riverine communities).
  • Our government will turnaround Edo State Ambulance Service to ensure it is more functional and effective. We shall provide continuous professional developmental training and set a minimum response time of one hour to health emergency and accidents within our major cities and towns. This would be vigorously monitored to ensure compliance.


Rural healthcare

We shall provide at least 18 mobile health service buses to provide vital healthcare to our people in rural towns and villages in partnership with Local Government authorities. Each mobile healthcare bus will have a driver, a nurse and a junior medical doctor equipped to perform minor surgeries and treatments when necessary.


Cottage Hospitals

Cottage Hospitals are located in Local Government Headquarters to deal with cases that cannot be treated at the health centers and they render services similar to that of Primary Health Care Centers (PHCs), but in addition they will provide beds for patients whose cases are referred from PHCs and where necessary, refer such patients to the General or Specialist Hospitals for specialist care. They will provide free registration, consultation and minor investigations.


General/Specialist Hospital

  • General or Specialist Hospitals located in senatorial zones to serve as referral hospitals will be greatly improved.The present General Hospitals all over the state will be given face lifts to meet the increasing health challenges faced by our people.
  • We will deal with the problem of inadequate manpower in the health sector and improve the working conditions of doctors, nurses and other health workers to motivate them and improve their service delivery capabilities.
  • We will provide drugs and other hospital equipment to ensure that the health sector meets the new Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We will improve on the delivery of a tertiary medical center in Benin to boost health tourism in the State and attract both national and international patronage.


Environmental Health and Sanitation


We shall enact a comprehensive environmental management policy and ensure strict compliance. We shall engender the interest and concern of all Edo citizens toward the protection and preservation of our environment.

  • We will ensure that every person in Edo State is encouraged to plant, at least, 5 trees a year, which comes to over 10 million trees annually.
  • We shall penalize indiscriminate deforestation while rewarding afforestation.
  • We will ensure that our waste management is handled in a more professional and efficient manner by emphasizing re-cycling and re-use.
  • We shall ensure that government response to environmental health is significantly improved.
  • We shall also ensure that all public buildings, offices, markets, parks, and recreational centres are cleaned, sanitized and habitable through the introduction of integrated facilities, sound management policies and a sustainable action plan.
  • All markets and public places will be cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis while domestic and industrial waste collections will be properly evacuated on a weekly basis for a small service charge.
  • Edo State government presently has three (3) functional disposal trucks. This is grossly inadequate even for the state capital. More trucks will be procured and reputable waste managers engaged to keep the state clean.