The programme on education under our stewardship will ensure that no Edo child is left behind. Edo State Government under our leadership will provide free and compulsory education from primary school up to the end of junior secondary school. The Edo State education programme will be driven by a determination to train Edo people to be skilled and competitive both nationally and globally through the adoption of the use of modern pedagogical methods including ICT and multi-media platforms.  To this end, we will be biased towards science and technology, with particular emphasis on those courses that enable our youth to obtain technological skills that will enhance the development of the state.

Our education policy will reflect the following objectives:

  • To train our youths in science, engineering, finance and commerce, entrepreneurship, management information and communication technology that will lead the state’s drive for prosperity and economic development;
  • To make every citizen literate and able to communicate in our lingua franca as well as in their mother tongue.
  • To go beyond cosmetic painting of classroom blocks and ensure adequate provision of chairs and tables and relevant learning materials in both primary and secondary schools, as well as encouraging sports, library developments and modern toilet facilities.
  • To motivate teachers through proper remuneration, prompt payment of salaries and emoluments and continued training and re-training.
  • To vigorously pursue the re-introduction of boarding facilities in public secondary schools across the state, as this will inculcate leadership qualities in the youths.
  • To encourage the interest of students in science and technology education and reward outstanding students with full scholarship.
  • To ensure the availability of science laboratories in all Senior Secondary Schools and Art and Crafts workshops in Junior Secondary Schools.
  • To support teachers in their quest to up-grade themselves to ensure high standards in the education sector.
  • To emphasiseTechnical and Vocational Training so as to improve on the skills and entrepreneurial development of school leavers. Appropriate incentives will be offered to attract students to technical and vocational training to discourage over-dependence on tertiary education.
  • To re-activate and provide modern facilities, equipment and teaching aids to all existing Technical Schools in the state.
  • Improve on the Technical Training Centres; integrated with skill acquisition, cottage agro-processing and other related small-scale production outfits in each of the senatorial districts for the training of the relevant technical and skilled manpower, to drive all aspects of our economic policies.
  • To make ICT and entrepreneurship compulsory components of our policy at all levels of the educational system
  • To provide all government secondary schools with computer laboratories.
  • To make it mandatory for all MDAs to embrace e-governance as a way of managing government information.
  • We shall create an education and business partnership framework to give students opportunity to develop the skills and qualities needed for work through compulsory four weeks work experience placement in their last year of SS3.
  • From JSS 1, every child would be exposed to skills acquisition as part of the school system. They would pick four different skills from a wide range of skills ranging from carpentry to catering to Digital skills to Fashion designing, Music, Healthcare, Tiling, Painting, etc. From SSI, they would then be required to pick only one and specialize. By the time the child is graduating from SS3 that child would have a DIPLOMA in one skill set and a WAEC certificate on the other hand and they would be ready for a future of productivity. The DIPLOMA would be the collateral to obtaining a small business loan to get started in life as a professional or to be a viable human being, able to fend for themselves even if they choose not to go on to a university
  • We are committed to raising education standards and achievements in schools through a rigorous quality inspection, monitoring and support regime.
  • We will also encourage the involvement of parents in the management of schools and their children’s development through upgrading of the Parents Teachers Associations across all schools in Edo State
  • These policies would enable the creation of 5000 sustainable new jobs in the economy

Higher and Professional Education

The basic objective of higher and professional education is to improve the capability of young people to identify, formulate and handle scientifically complex problems as well as to critically evaluate information and to formulate possible solutions.  It also provides leadership and management manpower for the growth and development of the country. Therefore, we shall ensure total overhaul of the existing state tertiary institutions, increase their subvention, improve their personnel and upgrade their infrastructure and facilities.


No Edo child shall be denied access to education either at secondary or tertiary level on the grounds of inability to pay tuition fees.  Therefore, we shall embark on a comprehensive census of Edo undergraduates in all higher institutions across the country with a view to determining a reasonable, realistic and sustainable annual bursary award to them to promote their educational attainment.

Persons with Special Needs

Our government will run an inclusive educational system and prioritize the provision of tailored education and learning to people with special needs, physical and mental challenges, in order to ensure equality of access and opportunities in life for all regardless of their circumstances.

In-Service Training                                             

  • Our government will invest in ICT skills training and capacity up-skilling of all government staff to the International Computer Driving License Standards (ICDLS). This would ensure all government workers are proficient in critical computer application software packages including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. Our government would actively encourage private sector businesses and industries to likewise invest in up-skilling their staff ICT skills and capacity, which will enable them to maximize accrued advantages from the digital age.

Corporate Investment

  • Our government will encourage applied industrial development and cutting edge technology research. We will encourage industries to take active interest in funding applied research aimed at improving the competitiveness and sustainability of Edo industries through building partnerships with our tertiary institutions