In Memory Of Chief Tony Anenih – One Year After

“We constantly recall before God our father the work of your faith, the labour of your love and the endurance in the hope of Christ Jesus ” – 1Thesalonians 1:3.

On this day, we remember and celebrate your life and time as a great father, leader and political mentor.

We are guided by your legacy of benevolence, kindness, wisdom, wit, discipline and the spirit of forgiveness.

You were a strong pillar to lean on for all those who were associated with you, a deep fountain to drink from and a political compass for direction. You were generous with money, counsel and time. You were kind, humane and accessible.

You were, to all intent and purposes, a statesman plenipotentiary.

You were not the ruthless chieftain many from afar thought you were. You were a goal getter, focused, determined and relentless in your pursuits of set goals. You were a bridge builder and believed in consensus building.

You had friends, associates and followers across the nation. You were neither a tribalist nor religious champion. You believed in one Nigeria and were a strong advocate of zoning and federal character as a means of protecting the minorities in the federation.

You were largely misunderstood because of your bluntness, courage and sincerity but you loved to call a spade a spade and no other name.

Despite your busy political schedule, you were a doting father who loved your family and went to great lengths to make them comfortable. Your definition of family extended far beyond the biological and you adopted a lot of people you came into contact with.

We cannot forget you and posterity will surely remain kind to you. We shall always remember you, your contributions and legacy in the political history of our beloved country Nigeria in general and our dear state, Edo state in particular – especially your laborious contributions towards the growth, peace, unity, tranquility of the state and the federation.

We are eternally grateful to God Almighty for the support you gave and the fatherly role you played towards our 2016 gubernatorial adventure. Even now, we continue to draw from your grail of political wisdom, extraordinary understanding, mutual tolerance, social maturity and deep perception you imbued in us.

From the depth of our hearts, and in all sincerity of purpose, we demonstrate our huge love and respect for you and your enduring legacy.

We miss you. Rest in peace. Amen.


Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu
Hon John Yakubu
(2016 PDP Gubernatorial Pair)