• We shall liaise with the Federal government in partnership with private investors to expand or relocate the Benin Airport.
  • Our government will partner with stakeholders and investors to develop sea routes linking Edo State with other states. A consortium will be formed involving private equity partners and Federal Government Guarantee to dredge the Gelegele River and make it a viable modern seaport.
  • Our government will also seek technical partners and investors to develop and extend railway lines to the three senatorial districts. This would help to provide long-term transportation solution to our state and open it for inward investment and trade.
  • The Benin bypass and Okene-Auchi-Benin highway are some of the strategic roads that we would actively engage the Federal Government to complete without further delay. The Benin bypass, which was an initiative of the PDP controlled Federal and State governments in 1999 is one of the most significant developments in the state. Two Chinese firms producing ceramic tiles and iron rods respectively capitalized on the strategic nature of this road as a major link to all parts of Nigeria to establish their factories there. We intend to engage these companies and encourage more of them to establish there, so that it can become an industrial complex that can drive our economic agenda.
  • We will establish two modern trailer parks (complete with workshops, gas stations, rest rooms and catering facilities) for articulated vehicles – one at Oluku-Ore road and the other at Aviele, along Benin-Auchi Road to deal with the problem of indiscriminate highway parking and its attendant road risks.
  • Our government will subsidize by 50% the transportation fare via public bus of students in higher and tertiary education in Edo state on the production of their identification cards. In both cases, beneficiaries would be provided with special bus passes on receipt of a completed application form, which must be countersigned by their respective Heads of Schools or Principals.
  • Edo line will be revived and made fully operational while Edo City Transport Service (ECTS) will be strengthened to cover more communities, so as to foster collective integration for all citizens.