Brand New Security Architecture: An intelligence-driven, integrated state security
system that collects information and data from all security agencies and is able to analyze
and use the information to identify security threats and take appropriate and timely action
to deal with them proactively and decisively.
Rapid Response: Best practices decision making procedures will be put in place to
enhance the rapid response of the security outfit to emerging threats without the usual
bureaucratic delays.
Improve Emergency Communications: The creation of an emergency system i.e 911
will be uppermost in our plans to address insecurity in the state. We will liaise with the
relevant state and telecommunication companies to make a functional emergency system
part of our security architecture in Edo State.
Adequate materials and institutional support for the Police and other security agencies in
the state will be provided. These will include but not limited to operational vehicles and
trucks as well as ultra-modern communication equipment, crime-detection and crimeprevention
equipment. It is sad to note that Edo is the only state in the South-South zone
that has no tracking device to detect the location of kidnappers and their hapless victims.
We shall procure this device and other relevant gadgets on assumption of office.
Private Sector Security Trust Fund: Using transparent fiscal incentives, private sector
agents like the telecommunications networks, financial services firms, manufacturing
industry, educational institutions, hospitality industry will be encouraged to partner with
us to make Edo State safe and secure for all under the aegis of the Edo State Security
Trust Fund which will be established as a special purpose vehicle to mobilize funding for
the security agencies on a sustainable basis. Policing methods in the State will be reorganized
to give priority to crime prevention, investigation and intelligence gathering.
Closed circuit television cameras will be installed at strategic places to aid crime
deterrence, detection, and investigation.
Community Policing: A program involving neighborhood watch and vigilante groups
will be established in rural and urban areas. Their main responsibility will be to monitor
and gather intelligence for the different security agencies in their individual domains.
Today, community policing is being transformed by the introduction of a wide array of
information technology, including data-enabled mobile devices, advanced information
and sensor systems, databases and forensic technologies. These technologies are
changing police practices, often in unforeseen ways. We will help to engender
sensitization to create networks and establish a stakeholder inventory. The insecurity
resulting from community clashes over land matters and frequent skirmishes concerning
Development Associations will be addressed to ensure smooth and peaceful access to
land by private and public developers.
Stakeholder Partnerships: We will partner with the traditional rulers, village heads,
Community Development Associations (CDAs), school authorities and religious
organizations in our quest to find a pragmatic and lasting solution to social vices such as
cultism, kidnapping and frequent brawls at public places which pose serious security
threats to our existence
Social Welfare
Our administration will develop a comprehensive plan to make social welfare programs
work for our people.
Social Security: Every resident of Edo State will be allotted a personalized life
time Social Security Number. Every child born here will also have a dedicated
Social Security Number. With this, we can track the need for assistance amongst
our women, children, the disabled, the elderly and vulnerable members of the
society. This innovative system would also assist the authorities to track the
number of children going to school and those joining the labour market.
Welfare Officers: Each of the 192 wards in Edo State will have a social welfare
officer and a team assigned to it, reporting to a co-ordinating office at the
senatorial level that reports to the central data base at the Headquarters in Benin.
Social welfare offices shall be set up in the three senatorial districts. They will be
empowered by law to adjudicate on matrimonial problems and help resolve them
through family counseling and mediation services.
Pensioners: All these will become a thing of the past once we assume
office. Pensioners will be paid as and when due to ensure their comfort,
convenience and dignity, which is the minimum they deserve for their past
contributions to the society.
Edo State Employment Bureau (ESEB): This bureau will be responsible for
identifying the unemployed in the state and capturing them in a database that
would include their qualifications. We will also aggressively source for job
placements for them. The bureau will serve as a platform for employers to
advertise their vacant positions and help in providing employment information,
guidance and career advice, matching Job openings with potential applicants, with
a special focus on EMPLOYABILITY. Youth drop-in centres will offer a variety
of supervised activities, such as, but not limited to, community duties,
volunteerism and peer review facilities, etc.
Protection of Vulnerable Children and Widows: Under such policies, provision
will be made to ensure that widows and children have easier access to the estate,
pension and other assets or benefit of the deceased. Child labor and abuse will be
discouraged and we shall encourage proper enlightenment of the provision of the
child protection law and ensure its enforcement.