The “SIMPLE” Agenda is to create an enabling business environment in the state, such that can attract honest investors to take advantage of all our PPP initiatives. Thousands of jobs will be created through the following government activities:

  • In the execution of the various programmes of the “SIMPLE” Agenda, job creation components and sustainability thereof will be the critical factor in measuring performance and success.
  • The goal of “SIMPLE” Agenda is to generate jobs from programmes, projects and activities in each of the 18 Local Government Areas.
  • For the PPP industrial Schemes in each of the Senatorial Districts, it is reckoned that each of the clusters should be capable of accommodating up to 10 separate industrial firms and would give direct employment opportunities to well over 3,000 persons and another 10,000 persons indirectly, providing the raw materials, goods and services, across the state.
  • It is also planned to attract over 10,000 persons to the Farm Settlement, while at the same time, Youth Empowerment through Agricultural and Farmer’s Support Programme (YETA-FSP) will be established to support 500 youths from each of the 18 LGAs every year. The beneficiaries will receive intensive training on different agricultural programmes in established Agricultural Training Institutes and on completion of training they will be given start-up capital with other incentives to begin agro-businesses.
  • The “SIMPLE” agenda will encourage and organize the business activities of host communities through the Ministry of Oil and Gas to benefit from our ‘Local Content Opportunity’ policy in the strategic industries of Power Generation, Oil and Gas, and Solid Minerals in line with existing federal government regulations.
  • The Graduate Youth Entrepreneurial Scheme and other Micro-Credit Scheme will be redesigned and supported with matching grants from the state government and other financial development institutions such as the Bank of Industry, Bank of Agriculture, SMEDAN, etc to create additional jobs.
  • Cleanliness and Sanitation will be given priority, thus an efficient Waste Management System to be set up will involve integrated waste management infrastructure which has the capacity to provide over 10,000 jobs by the service providers,
  • Edo State has a very potent mining industry that has remained grossly unexploited in actualising its full benefits. This area will be one of our key focuses in the creation of jobs.
  • We understand and fully recognize the role of SMEs as the engine of any economy. In Edo, SMEs generate more than 80 per cent of jobs and contribute more than 20 per cent to local GDP growth. In addition to the empowerment scheme in the SIMPLE Agenda around skills acquisition, micro financing and other focus areas, our vision will be to make Edo State the best place for businesses to start and thrive. To do this we need to understand the characteristics of our small and medium sized businesses, what determines their success and what holds them back.
  • While we emphasize the up-skilling and building of human capacity talent, we shall improve all aspects of financing and access to finance by SMEs through deliberative actions and interventions. A key priority will be to unleash the energy of the entrepreneurial spirit of Edo people who are known to be innovators of new and nascent industries.
  • We recognize and salute the role of financial organisations that have been able to mobilize funds for our low-income people to access and trade and we intend to partner with these institutions by providing more funds to support more of our people.
  • One of government’s policy goals is to partner with financial institutions, banks, SMEDAN and stakeholders to create and support a minimum of 5000 new MSMEs in the economy yearly and 20,000 over a four-year duration. This policy would help to cross-fertilize 40,000 new employment creation in the state’s economy throughout our tenure in office.